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Scientific Instruments is used for measuring, indicating and recording physical quantities. It is used for scientific purposes, including the study of both natural phenomena and theoretical research. Here we are going to provide you the list of latest scientific instruments, its uses and the name of its inventors. This may be useful for the applicants who are preparing for the competitive examinations (i.e. SSC CGL, Banking, Railway, CHSL, Etc.).

Scientific Instruments and Name of Their Inventors

list of scientific instruments and their uses
Scientific Instruments Uses of Scientific Instruments Name of Inventors
Ammeter Measures electric current Friedrich Drexler
Altimeter It is an instrument which is used in the aircraft for measuring altitudes Louis Paul Caillet
Anemometer It is used to measure the speed, direction, and pressure of the wind. Leon Battista Alberti
Audiometer Measures intensity of sound Georg von Békésy a Hungarian-American physicist.
Barometer Measures atmospheric pressure and conditions. Evangelista Torricelli
Barograph Continuous recording of atmospheric pressure Frenchman Lucien Vidi
Bolometer Measures infra-red (Heat) Samuel Pierpont Langley
 radiation. BinocularsItisanopticalinstrumentwhichisusedformagnifiedviewofthedistantobjects. J.P.LemiereCalorimeterItmeasuresthequantityofheat AntoineLavoisier&Pierre-SimonCallipersMeasuresdiametersofthincylinder/wire. PierreVernier CarburettorItisusedforchargingtheairwithpetrolvapoursinaninternalcombustionengine.It wasinventedbySamuelMoreyintheyear1826.Later,thesamewasinventedbyEnricoBernardidevelopedanothercarburetorattheUniversityofPaduaintheyear1882.CathetometerDeterminesheightsandlevelsFrenchphysicistsP.DulongandA.Petit(1816)CinematographUsedforprojectingpicturesonthescreen. AugusteLumièreColorimeterComparesintensityofcoloursJohnT.StockCommutatorItisusedinthegeneratorstoreversethedirectionofelectriccurrent.BritishscientistWilliamSturgeonin1832Cardiogram(ECG)Ittracestheheartmovements,recordedonaCardiographWillemEinthovenCrescographUsedformeasuringgrowthinplants.JagadishChandraBoseChronometerDetermineslongitudeofavesselatsea.JohnHarrisonCryometerMeasurementoflowtemperature. CyclotronItisusedforacceleratingchargedparticlesinamicrowaveoscillatorErnestLawrenceDilatometerMeasureschangeinvolumeofsubstancesAbbeandFizeauinthesecondhalfof19thcenturyDynamoItisusedtocovertsmechanicalenergyintotheelectricalenergy.MichaelFaradayEndoscopeToexamineinternalpartsofthebodyBozziniElectroscopeItdetectsthepresenceofanelectricCharge.WilliamGilbert ElectronmicroscopeUsedtoobtainamagnifyingviewofverysmallobjects(20,000times).MaxKnollandErnstRuskaElectrometerItmeasuresverysmallbutpotentialdifferenceintheelectriccurrentsWilliamSnowHarrisElectrometerUsedformeasuringelectricalpotentialdifference. FluxmeterMeasuresmagneticfluxMullerMartinFathometerItmeasuresthedepthoftheoceanHerbertGroveDorseyGalvanometerMeasureselectriccurrentJohannSchweiggerGramophoneUsedtoreproducingrecordedsound.FrenchinventorÉdouard-LéonScottdeMartinvilleHydrophoneItmeasurethesoundunderwater.ReginaldFessendenHydrometerItmeasurestherelativedensityofliquids.WilliamNicholson HygrometerItisusedtomeasurethehumidityofairormoisturecontentoranygas.HoraceBénédictdeSaussureHygroscopeShowsthechangesinatmospherichumidityRobertHooke
HypsometerDetermines the boiling point of liquids.Wayne R Norman
LactometerMeasures the relative density of milk.Mr.Dicas
ManometerComparesmagnetic movement and fieldsOttonvon Guerick
MicrophoneConverts sound waves into electrical signals.Emile Berliner
ManometerUsed to measure atmospheric pressure 
 MachmeterDetermines the speed of an aircraft relative to the speed of soundAngstWalter
MicroscopeItis used to obtain a magnified view of small objectsZacharias Janssen
MicrometerMicrometercoverts the sound waves into electrical vibrationWilliam Gascoigne
NephelometerIt measures the scattering of light by particles suspended in a liquidTheodore William Richards
OdometerIt is an instrument that is attached to the wheel of a vehicle, and it measures the distance traveled. Benjamin Franklin
OndometerIt measures the frequency of electromagnetic waves and (radio waves) 
BinocularsIt is an optical instrument that is used for a magnified view of distant objects. J.P. Lemiere
CalorimeterIt measures the quantity of heat Antoine Lavoisier & Pierre-Simon
CalipersMeasuresdiameters of thin cylinder/wire. Pierre Vernier
 CarburetorIt is used for charging the air with petrol vapors in an internal combustion engine.It was invented by Samuel Morey in the year 1826. Later, the same was invented by EnricoBernardideveloped another carburetor at the University of Padua in the year 1882.
CathetometerDeterminesheights and levelsFrench physicists P. Dulong and A.Petit(1816)
CinematographUsed for projecting pictures on the screen. AugusteLumière
ColorimeterComparesintensity of colorsJohn T. Stock
CommutatorIt is used in the generators to reverse the direction of electric current.British scientist William Sturgeon in 1832
Cardiogram(ECG)It traces the heart movements, recorded on a CardiographWillem Einthoven
CrescographUsed for measuring growth in plants.Jagadish Chandra Bose
ChronometerDetermineslongitude of a vessel at sea.JohnHarrison
CryometerMeasurement of low temperature. 
CyclotronItis used for accelerating charged particles in a microwave oscillatorErnest Lawrence
DilatometerMeasures change in the volume of substancesAbbe and Fizeau in the second half of 19th century
DynamoItis used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.Michael Faraday
EndoscopeTo examine internal parts of the bodyBozzini
ElectroscopeIt detects the presence of an electric charge.William Gilbert
 Electron microscopeUsed to obtains a magnifying view of very small objects (20,000 times).MaxKnoll and Ernst Ruska
ElectrometerIt measures the very small but potential difference in the electric currentsWilliams now Harris
ElectrometerUsed for measuring the electrical potential difference. 
FluxmeterMeasures magnetic fluxMuller Martini
FathometerIt measures the depth of the oceanHerbertGrove Dorsey
GalvanometerMeasures electric currentJohann Schweigger
GramophoneUsed to reproducing recorded sound.Frenchinventor Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville
HydrophoneIt measure the soundunder water.Reginald Fessenden
HydrometerIt measures the relative density of liquids.William Nicholson
 HygrometerItis used to measure the humidity of air or moisture content or any gas.HoraceBénédict de Saussure
HygroscopeShows the changes in atmospheric humidityRobert Hooke
Refractometer Measures salinity of solutions Ernst Abbe
Sextant It is used for measuring the angular distance between 02-objects.  
Seismograph It is used for recording the intensity and origin of earthquakes shocks. John Milne
Spherometer It measures the curvature of spherical objects. Robert-Aglaé Cauchoix
Speedometer It is an instrument which is used to measure the speed of the vehicle. Croatian Josip Belusic in 1888
Spectroscope It is used for analyzing the Spectrum. Robert Wilhelm Bunsen
Sphygmomanometer Measures BP (Blood Pressure). Samuel Siegfried Karl Ritter von Basch in 1881
Stethoscope It is used for analyzing and hearing the Heart sound. René Laennec
Tachometer It is used to determine the speed, especially the rotational speed of a shaft (rpm) James W. Allen
Telemeter It records the physical happenings at a distant place (space) C. Michalke
Tangent galvanometer It measures the amount of direct current (DC)Andre-Marie Ampere
Telescope The telescope is used for magnifying distant objects.Hans Lippershey
Thermometer It measures the temperatureGalileo Galilei
Transponder It is used to receive a signal and transmit a reply immediately in the satellites. Charles M Redman
Tonometer It is used to measures the pitch of a sound. John Austin
Transformer It is an apparatus which is used for converting the high voltage to low voltage and vice-versa without changing its frequency. Otto Blathy
Thermostat It regulates the temperatures automatically at a constant point. Warren S.Johnson
Vernier It measures the Small sub-division of scale. Pierre Vernier
Viscometer Measures Viscosity of liquid. Edward H Zeitfuchs
Venturimeter It is used to measures the rate of flow of liquids Clemens Herschel
Voltmeter It is used to measure the electric potential difference between 02-points Andrew Kay
Wavemeter To measure the wavelength of a radio wave (high-frequency waves). Paul D Zotto.
Wattmeter To measure electric power Otto Blatty